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About Us

BizXL Catalyst supports CXOs in driving massive improvements in operations, margin and market performance. BizXL Catalyst is a professional services firm started in 2008. Partnering with our clients, we have expanded our services and our geographical footprint. Today we support our clients across Canada and USA in addressing their specific business needs from Toronto, Rochester, and NYC.

BizXL provides organizations with comprehensive professional services to improve end-to-end business performance and achieve strategic objectives. We have partnered with organizations of all sizes and across industries to transform businesses by diagnosing, designing, and implementing change.

BizXL Catalysts offers 3 unique and compelling offerings to support your business goals. Our management consulting team can radically improve operational effectiveness and speed through LEAN, Automation, Training, and Consulting. Our Technology group offers cloud, data and enterprise architecture solutions with our unique model of high speed + low business disruption methodology, specific to your industry and business model. Our operating partners division offers business oversight, turnaround and EBITDA enhancement to Family Offices, PE and VC funds for their portfolio companies.

Team of over 200 expert business consultants, catalysts, and over ten thousand engineers, data scientists, developers with deep expertise across business verticals is available to take your organization to the next level.

BizXL is committed to excellence, innovation, and helping businesses of all sizes succeed in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape.

Want to Supercharge your business results.

— Structured methodology for:

Problem Definition to Value Realization

Problem Indentification

Solution Development & Delivery

Typical Challenges


Manpower shortage. Leaders are expected to do more, with less people
In the post pandemic world, an aggressive push to digitize business processes and
manage risk

Digital Transformation

Permeation of automation to the individual employee level, citizen development

Highly digitized banks outcompete their more traditional, back-office driven counterparts

Newer generations prefer a digital and technologically driven engagement with their banks

Tech & Data

Process and data fragmentation due to multiple applications

Exploration of technologies that enable extraction and transformation of unstructured and semi structured data

Risk / Capital Management

Higher level of scrutiny over risk governance and capital adequacy

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