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Solving the Most Criticaloperating challenges for investors

Distress due to historical issues. Investors sometimes not fully trained to quickly identify issues or do promoter diligence before buying distressed assets

Standard Due Diligence mostly provides insights on the past, states facts. No focus on root cause analysis.

Investors don’t have the bandwidth or patience to work shoulder to shoulder with the management team to improve cash flows that can service the debt

Inability to get timely and accurate performance intelligence to monitor portfolio company. Unlocking the value requires sustained high tough effort

Need support before (detecting early warning signs), during and after distress situations. Investors usually don’t have the trust of Promoters. We bridge that gap

Portfolio Operations

Investors are best equipped to identify, source and execute deals that deploys capital for maximum results. Even the best deals sour because of poor portfolio management. The investors don’t have the bandwidth to optimize performance in the portfolio companies operationally. BizXL can work with investor groups on success fee basis to offer a wide variety of value adds to the Investors to get the maximum results in the portfolio companies multiplying their returns, and all this at no cost to the fund.

Operating Partner Services

  • Business strategy, execution capabilities
  • Market & Financial diligence
  • Root cause analysis for past issues
  • Turnaround prospects & upside potential
  • Functional capability and depth
  • Path to Exit
  • Long range and short range forecasts
  • Operating rhythm

Risk Management Services

  • Board oversight and involvement
  • Early warning signals
  • ERM Framework, Monitoring & Control
  • Controllership & Governance
  • Real time MIS, Business Intelligence
  • Financial Planning & Operating Rhythms

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