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Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation enables organizations to envision, design and execute Digital Transformation successfully. Scientific process design creates a strong foundation for scalable automation. bizXL partners with client teams to accelerate diagnostic assessments to execute quick solution deployment.

Isolated RPA or process improvement efforts deliver sub-optimal results. bizXL Solutions helps organizations design and implement Lean Automation by bringing multiple capabilities together to unleash full potential of end-to-end operations.

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Diagnostic assessment uncovers hidden waste and helps design an effective and efcient process. Learn Six Sigma, Design Thinking


Uses the data and the business rules to execute process steps and highlights exceptions for analysts to verify.
TruAl + TruBot


TruCap+ (Intelligent Capturing), proprietary OCR engine with integrated AI & fuzzy logic. Captures meaningful data from unstructured documents with over 99% accuracy.


Visualize business intelligence in live dashboards. Have key performance indicators reported for performance management and decision making.

Low Code Integrated Capability

We bring the science of process design and capability of robotic process automation (RPA) and AI to achieve business objectives of cost reduction, increasing operational efficiency, enhancing customer and employee experience, and delivering faster ROI.

Bot Development and Implementation Services for existing unused licensed bots or new bots are supported to maximize ROI. Intelligent Automation effort can be customized based on the strategic objectives of enterprises to start with one process to an enterprise level automation.

Four different options are listed below.

Ultra Light

2 Bots
4-6 Weeks


5-10 Bots
8-10 Weeks


~ 25 Bots
3-6 Months


# of Bots on Demand
Custom Design

Eliminating repetitive tasks that do not add significant value to an organization is essential. RPA solutions automate such repetitive activities and allow for maximizing the value within a business.

By applying RPA solutions, employees are now able to focus on performing more value-adding activities that require human intelligence. In this way, waste of time and money are minimized and value is maximized. Moreover, integrating AI is equally significant for customized solutions as pattern detection, text & data mining, and computer vision have been incorporated to help businesses automate tasks in a smart way. Here, IDP also helps to automate activities and reduce waste. It all comes to Business Intelligence platforms that visualize all the insights captured through various data sources to help managers make the right decisions.

To support enterprises across North America achieve operational efficiency and maximize profitability, bizXL Solutions has partnered with Datamatics, a global leader in digital transformation and intelligent automation.

Implementing and scaling intelligent automation technologies, has now become a critical part of Digital Transformation efforts across many organizations. Technology transformation is now comprised of a holistic business model integrating multiple technology capabilities. We offer these tools that infuse intelligence into automation:

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)

Business Intelligence (BI)

We partner with clients across financial services, banking & Insurance sectors and other data enabled businesses to unleash business value.

To design and implement Lean Automation solutions we bring deep domain expertise with a suite of products:

TruBot (RPA)

TruCap + (Intelligent Document Processing - Data Capture with AI & Fuzzy Logic)

TruAI (Artificial Intelligence & Pattern Detection Platform)

TruBI (Data Visualization and Advance Analytics)

Executive leadership teams need to envision the digital future and deploy capital and talent to

a) Streamline and automate current customer journeys to gain efficiencies and
b) Experimenting to create new operating models.

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