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Digital Transformation

Most Digital Transformation efforts don’t deliver expected results. Successful Digital Transformations start by redefining Value and creating new business models, products, and services. BizXL helps clients envision newer capabilities to drive growth through structured and effective digital transformation strategies, customized for each organization.

Digital Transformation is a cultural change. Research shows that over 70% of organizations failed to achieve a desired ROI from digital transformation initiatives.

Automation, optimization, excellent digital experiences, AI and modernization of core technologies are among the services we build and offer to our clients.

Improving efficiency and effectiveness while minimizing costs along with maximizing value is a business imperative of CEOs. Innovative Digital Transformation strategies help organizations increase their ROI and profit margins.

We are here to help you grow, remain relevant, and be sustainable. We design & deliver a richer, but seamless customer experience for market growth.

For us, Digital Transformation is a concrete process. We specialize in designing a holistic approach by keeping the customer and employees along with organizational vision at its core.

Executing digital transformation successfully requires a review of the operating model to understand how the organization is creating and delivering value to the customer or end user and fundamentally redesigning it. Our digital transformation processes expand from data sourcing to data extraction and consumption, up to critical big data strategies with analytics. We aim at achieving critical long-term performance goals.

We map your journey end-to-end with IDEA ™

BizXL Catalyst does not just help organizations define a problem and develop a solution. This is a painful and lengthy process. Our experts help design and facilitate Immersion and Acceleration labs for your new product or service innovation. Our lab design is based on the IDEA ™ (Idea Design to Execution Accelerator) 5D framework of Discover, Diagnose, Design, Develop and Deliver. It is a well-designed approach that integrates elements of Lean management, Design Thinking, Agile Development and Change Management.

We design world class digital customer experiences.

Organizations are now striving to design the best customer experiences across channels and product value streams. This is the reason why they have been handsomely rewarded by both customers and markets. The business case is obvious, and the reward is evident. If your organization wants to design a world class customer experience, bizXL Solutions can help design and execute new experiences. We develop a deep understanding of the customer world using design thinking and lean management principles.

Our broad spectrum of capabilities from Management Consulting, Learning & Development and Technology Transformation makes it easier for clients to design and execute change. We do that by utilizing data, lean automation, cloud technologies, AI and many more tools and processes. With the complexity and consumer demands growing steadily, the need to offer connected experiences, especially those that can be swiftly customized to suit special scenarios, becomes pertinent. BizXL ensures continuous success in an experience-led market through its hyper-focused yet agile business strategy.

We disrupt the conventional processes and enable digital transformation to maximize value creation

Be it drafting, designing, or implementations, making your products and services reach consumers via varied digital touch points is the new normal. BizXL has joined hands with Rutgers Business School to create a unique approach for innovative problem solving called Idea Design to Execution Accelerator (IDEA).

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