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Data and Analytics

Data is not enough, insights matter. 

BizXL Catalyst provides a comprehensive Data and Analytics service that enables organizations to unlock the full potential of their data. We offer expertise in data strategy, data governance, data architecture, advanced analytics, and visualization to help businesses make data-driven decisions, improve performance, and gain a competitive edge.

Data is power and we are here to help you manage your enterprise data as a strategic asset. We use the following concepts, tools and analysis to offer to our clients the best results:

  • Big Data – Data Lakes
  • Workflow & Data Capture Management
  • Data Migration
  • Cloud Based Infrastructure & Support
  • Cloud Development & Migration
  • Multi-Channel Interface
  • Digital Content Publishing
  • Website / Portal Development & Management

Are the data valuable? Is their quality good enough?
It is a challenge to find the data that is source of truth due to many systems, manual touch points, organizational silos and so on. To accelerate business performance, the availability of insights with the right people at the right time in an actionable format is critical. At BizXL we work with organizational teams to first define outcome measures, performance targets, driver variables and the data sources. Then we help define the insights required by key teams across the organizational levels in the form of dashboards using capabilities such as Power BI.

Data Migration Roadmap

Data Management

Data Operating Model

Looking to transform your Data into a Strategic Asset?

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