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Case Study

Leveraging digital strategy and disruptive technologies to seize new market opportunities for a large financial institution.

Pressure of meeting high digital experience expectations of customers and increasing competion led to creating new market opportunities .

Turning Around a Loss Making Company

A leading manufacturing plant operations was running into losses and was on the verge of closure.

Improving Client Experience & Reducing Operating Cost

A detailed diagnostic study was conducted to understand the existing operating model using deep process and data analytics.

Improving Client Experience and Reducing Operating Costs for a Financial Services Provider

A leading financial services client was facing significant challenges with regards to processing and overtime costs, service quality, client experience, throughput yield and employee morale.

End-to-End transformation of a national commercial credit provider

A leading North American Financial Institution was looking to transform commercial credit operation in order to reduce the high time to decision and unit cost of operations.

Complete end-to-end transformation of a national mortgage bank

A premium North American financial institution had an inefficient mortgage business with baseline performance due to high decision time and large number of touch points.

Improve client experience by reducing abandoned calls

A 24% increase in call volumes warranted a proportionate increase in the call center headcount to minimize abandoned calls

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