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IDEA: Why and How to Implement?

IDEA: Why and How to Implement?

IDEA: Why and How to Implement?

IDEA is a unique program for business leaders who want their company to stay competitive. Check out what this program is and how it can benefit a business.

While competition has always been an integral part of the business world, it has increased rapidly and dramatically in the past decade or so. However, businesses have begun to appreciate the fact that competition is far from the necessary evil it was once considered to be. In reality, organizations can use it as a powerful tool to improve and grow.

However, to use it effectively in today’s customer-centric world, it is necessary for a business to continually look for innovative ways to cater to the needs of the customers. An increasing number of organizations are now relying on approaches such as agile development, lean management, design thinking, and change management to stay competitive.

IDEA (Idea Design to Execution Accelerator) is a unique 5D framework that integrates the elements of these popular approaches to help businesses. It enables them to innovate in a time and cost efficient manner while also keeping the risks at a minimum.

Some of the most significant benefits of IDEA are as follows:

1. Rapid Product or Service Development

To stay competitive, it is essential for businesses to work on ways to accelerate the development cycle of their products or services. The IDEA program provides them with the ability to understand the nuances of modern development cycles. This perception helps them in improving or implementing rapid development and deployment cycles.

2. Building the Succession Plan

Most businesses do not give the necessary importance to succession planning. But a solid succession plan can take enterprises a long way in minimizing the impact of leadership change. The IDEA program helps businesses build succession plans not only to accommodate the changing leadership but also provide the workforce with better opportunities in an organization.

3. Improved Business Efficiency and ROI

The IDEA program will allow businesses to learn innovative ideas that can help the overall functioning of an organization and make it more efficient and productive. With the help of these positive changes, a business can deliver better products and services and world-class experience to the customers. Ultimately, these efforts will help improve ROI.

Implementing IDEA

Rutgers Business School, along with bizXL Solutions, is now offering a unique Mini-MBA program that revolves around the IDEA program. The program is targeted toward experienced business leaders looking for unique ways to stay competitive in this constantly changing economy.

With the curriculum spread across five crucial stages – Discover, Diagnose, Design, Develop, and Deliver, the program is an excellent opportunity for business leaders to acquire the skills and knowledge that can be implemented to real-world challenges in order to help a business improve and grow.

Combined with the university learning environment, experienced instructors, and peer interaction, the Mini-MBA program is an ideal solution for businesses looking to excel and stay competitive.

Applying for Mini-MBA (IDEA) Program

The five-day Mini-MBA (IDEA) certificate program is organized at regular intervals with limited seats. Candidates can apply online by filling a registration at the Rutgers Business School website. Program schedule, location, fees, and other related information is also available at the site.

Organizations can help their leaders register for this program and facilitate them to acquire practical skills and knowledge, which will ultimately enable the organization to grow and prosper further.

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